Our mission is to help tackle social isolation and enable others to do the same! We do this through collaborations, yoga and healthy practices. Our approach focusses on a few key things:

  1. Making yoga accessible 

  2. Raising funds for services & programs 

  3. Generating awareness of key issues around social isolation

  4. Creating connections and building communities

  5. Equipping and educating people with healthy tools and skills

Through collaborations with organisations we aim to make yoga accessible, raise funds for services that draw people our of social isolation, create connections and equip people with healthy ways to deal with emotions and stressors that can cause them to feel isolated.

1. Making yoga accessible 

We believe that the mental and physical benefits of yoga can should be easily accessible to all types of people. To help make this possible, we run regular community yoga sessions with vulnerable groups around Sydney. In collaboration with organisations in the space, we deliver free yoga programs that are tailored to their community needs. All of these sessions we run are free and the profit we make through our team yoga programs enables us to continue delivering these on a regular basis.

We also collaborate with local businesses to deliver weekly community "Sweat for the Good Stuff" yoga sessions that are affordable and open to all yoga levels. All proceeds for these sessions go to tackling social isolation in Australia. The idea of these sessions is to create a welcoming, fun environment for people in the community to practise yoga, connect with others and help tackle social isolation at the same time. 

2. Raising funds for services & programs

While yoga is one awesome way to get people focussing on their mental and physical health, it's only one piece of the puzzle. That's why we think it's important to help raise funds for other services and programs that draw people out of social isolation too. This is why for all of our community "Sweat for the Good Stuff" sessions, we choose to funnel the proceeds into organisations that are doing their bit to tackle social isolation. 

3. Generating awareness

With all of the work we do, we want to help raise awareness of things that cause social isolation and contribute to a growing community where things like mental health and the issues surrounding it are talked about, not hidden. 

4. Connections and Community

A massive cause of social isolation is the lack of true connection and sense of community. With all of our classes and collaborations, we aim to use yoga to help build connections, give people a fun and healthy activity to bond over and in the case of a lot of our community classes, a safe environment to feel cared for and considered. 

5. Healthy Tools and Skills

The mental and physical benefits of yoga are epic and we want to share them with as many people as possible! We're super passionate about the mental health benefits of yoga and are really interested in how it can help with things like stress, anxiety, depression. Our yoga classes that we run with vulnerable communities provide an opportunity for people who are experiencing entrenched social isolation and marginalisation a chance to connect with their mind and body, chill out and incorporate simple healthy habits into their day.

ENding with some Lovesweats vibes

“It’s the recognition that other people’s problems, their pain and frustrations, are every bit as real as our own – often far worse. In recognising this fact and trying to offer some assistance, we open our hearts and greatly enhance our sense of gratitude.”
— Richard Carlson, Author of 'Don't Sweat the Small Stuff'