Steph Scott

Founder & Chief Sweater

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I guess I unofficially kicked off Lovesweats at the end of 2015 when I started organising community yoga classes at The Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross. I had volunteered there for a few years since heading to Sydney and had always been so moved by the people I met there and stories I was told. As soon as I finished my yoga teacher training I suggested running community classes with the Wayside visitors. Having experienced first hand the awesome things that yoga can do for our mental health, it's something I want to share with as many people as possible. Whether its calming your mind, improving your self-esteem, de-stressing - there are so many cool things that it can help with!

We started to develop a regular crew at The Wayside Chapel sessions and I began thinking about how I could combine my passion for yoga, health and helping others and make it a business. Lovesweats evolved from there.

We have now developed strong relationships with several not-for-profit organisations include The Wayside Chapel, Vinnies, and Rough Threads and deliver yoga programs to suit their communities. You can find out more about these collaborations here. We also run our team yoga programs and 'Sweat for the Good Stuff' sessions as a way to put a focus on mental and physical health, have fun, create a sense of community and connectedness, raise funds for awesome organisations and enable others to do the same! 

We focus on tackling social isolation because I think it's something that a lot of people experience to some degree at a point in their lives. It's so common and there are heaps of factors and situations that can contribute to this isolated feeling. Things like our mental health, physical wellbeing, financial situation, relationships, sexuality, gender...the list goes on. There are so many people experiencing things that make them feel alone and isolated, despite the fact that there are many others out there feeling isolated for exactly the same reasons. We're not alone, we just feel like we are and it's crazy that this is the case. I want Lovesweats to help change this. 

Check out more on our approach here.