The treasures you find

Ask almost anyone who knows me, I am an avid activewear wearer. A lot of the time I am doing actual active things in my activewear, however I'm also a text book example of someone who eats, dates, works, shops and sometimes even naps in it too. It's a pretty solid obsession which is why it was fun to collaborate with Vinnies Australia to showcase the activewear treasures you can find in the Vinnies stores around Australia. The outfits from this project were all sourced from the local Bondi Vinnies store. In addition to it being a sustainable fashion choice, all profits from Vinnies stores around Australia are reinvested back in local communities and programs to assist people experiencing disadvantage and homelessness around Australia. 

We will be running a special 'Sweat for the Good Stuff' event on Tuesday 14th March at 7:30pm at Peaches Pilates. Find out more here. 

Photography & Styling: Tara Castellan